Fighting Emerging Infectious Diseases and Bio-Threats in 2034

by Steven Hinrichs, M.D., University of Nebraska Medical Center In 2034, new infectious diseases will emerge on a regular basis as an ever-growing global population encroaches on

VIDEO: Dr. Phyllis Wise

Wise is an expert in the gender-based biology of hormones in the human brain. Here, she reflects on the impact that engineering-based medicine will have on

Truly “Personalized” Medicine

“Pluripotent cells are those that have the ability to modify themselves into different cell types that comprise the various tissues in the body.”

Deadly Viruses Are Put on Notice

“In 2034, new vaccines for HIV, malaria and Mycobacterium tuberculosis will exist, saving 5 million lives a year.”

Nanoparticles on Patrol

“Nanoparticles are engineered objects or assemblies that range in size from molecular size, a few nanometers, up to about 1/1000th the cross-section of a human hair, a few hundred nanometers.”