Next Generation Organ Transplantation

By Alan Langnas, University of Nebraska Medical Center Organ transplantation has seen tremendous advances in the last 20 years, but I believe the changes that will come over the next 20

Sun and Climate in 2034

by Peter Pilewskie, University of Colorado Boulder The Sun—seemingly a constant in our lives—actually swings from sleepy to animated and back to sleepy every eleven years or

Q&A | Steve Wolff: A Father of the Internet

Recently, Science 2034 had the opportunity to hear from Looking back, what were some of the notable events that shaped today’s Internet? STEVE WOLFF:

Solar Power & Personal Transportation in 2034

by Ken Hanson, Florida State University There are limitless predictions you could make about what the world will look like in 20 years. But, in the

Managing Resource Scarcity in 2034: The Water, Energy, Food Nexus

by Rabi H. Mohtar, Texas A&M University Water, energy and food have an intimate and interdependent relationship. These three resources also strongly influence a society’s health,