The Future Postponed: Plant Sciences

by Mary Gehring, MIT Growing more food, and more nutritious food, for a hungry world is again an urgent challenge. Productivity needs to

The Future Postponed: Space Exploration

by Timothy Grove, MIT Is there life on other earth-like planets? What exactly are “dark matter” and “dark energy” and how have

The Future Postponed: Infectious Disease

by Chris A. Kaiser, MIT The ability to understand and manipulate the basic molecular constituents of living things has created an extraordinary opportunity to

VIDEO: A Healthier Urban Future

by Dr. Sandro Galea, Boston University We have the opportunity by the year 2034 to significantly improve health worldwide by improving the urban environments in which the majority of

Discovering the Ecology of the Mind

by Lisa Feldman Barrett, Northeastern University The forthcoming movie “ Indeed, research in my Over the next two decades, our understanding