Nano-inks for Solar Power, Medical Sensors, and More

by Chris Exstrom, Ph.D. Spray-on solar paint for homes and nano-sensors in the bloodstream for early detection of disease might sound a bit far out, but these are just two

Next Generation Organ Transplantation

By Alan Langnas, University of Nebraska Medical Center Organ transplantation has seen tremendous advances in the last 20 years, but I believe the changes that will come over the next 20

Safer, Faster, Easier Vaccines

by Angie Pannier, University of Nebraska-Lincoln By 2034 we will have safer, faster, and easier vaccines in pill form. Traditional vaccines that use weakened or dead viruses

Fighting Emerging Infectious Diseases and Bio-Threats in 2034

by Steven Hinrichs, M.D., University of Nebraska Medical Center In 2034, new infectious diseases will emerge on a regular basis as an ever-growing global population encroaches on